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ESPN2 Sports Nation

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I was on ESPN2 SportsNation in a few days ago. I had no idea how popular it was until I talked to some of my friend!
It was nice to be with Dexter, Kai, Phil and Dennis even this close to the show. We could not miss ESPN!

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7weeks out for the O

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Hi everyone! It is already 7weeks out for the big O! My injury is getting better and better everyday. The range of motion is almost 80%, I don't go anything heavy by now but do some super high reps around 50-100reps for quads training.

I am going to do Olympia!

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In last week, I thought I was going to pull out from Olympia due to this quad injury but its getting better all of sudden since a few days ago. MRI result shows there is a big bruse inside the muscle but I have no tendon damage which is great news.
I have a feeling I will be able to be back to normal training in a few weeks!