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Guest Posing@NPC Paradise Cup, Waikiki HI

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I had such a great time in Hawaii! :-)
The show was packed and I never been to any bodybuilding show which is so loud like this show lol!
The audience just had so much fun cheering up their friend or family on the stage.

Thank you so much for the promoter Guy Leong and all the stuff and fans being part of this amazing show.
and I had to add that I and my wife Chie had great time with Jose Raymond, his girl Toni, Hawaiian Hurricane Chris Faildo, his wife Debbie and Clifton Torres!


The view from the hotel room. This Sheraton Waikiki is also the contest venue.


about 225lbs.


not too bad right?

Chris took us to amazing Sushi!


There are a lot of good Japanese restaurant in Hawaii :-)

NPC Paradise Cup, Waikiki HI

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I'm in Hawaii, guest posing for Guy Leong's Paradise cup. This show is always sold out!
Check out http://paradisecup.com/  and come see me!



Guest posers tonight. Jose Raymond, Steve Preza and me.

NPC Hurricane Bay, Tampa FL

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I was in Tampa FL last weekend for Tim Gardner's NPC Hurricane Bay. It was 10th annual show and everything was great!
I want to thank all athletes, officials and fans attended the show and sure they had a great time, so as me.
I am going to Hawaii for NPC Paradise cup in this weekend. Hawaii is always one of my favorite place to go...I am soooo excited!